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“What would it look like if you recklessly reclaimed your life?” - Emily Turner

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Welcome, you Magical Woman!

I’m so freaking excited you’re here right now!

My name is Emily and I can’t wait to get to know you. I help women going through break-ups and those struggling in marriage to reclaim their lives, so they can rediscover their true dreams and desires.

To find out more about me head over to my “About Me” section and find out what I am obsessed with!


So, what exactly do you do?”

Well, let’s begin here…

I spent many years trying to bury my magic and pretend I was something I wasn’t. (Of course, after being told I was too much, I hid.) I spent so long trying to fit into a box that I was never going to fit in. After I began to claim who I was - magic happened… and I was able to figure out what makes me, me! This propelled Dave (my husband) and I to explode all over again in our marriage.

When my first marriage ended, I found myself in the place that I didn’t understand. At 24, my first husband and I were separating after a very turbulent marriage. I had lost myself in our relationship and had forgotten who I was. Along with that I was dealing with so many emotions about our separating - I felt shame, guilt and even embarrassment. Over time I realized how much of my life was unfulfilled and how hard it was for me to put myself first. Now, I can even admit that I had allowed what was important to me to fall away.

All of this pain, shame and guilt that I went through - I realized wasn’t necessary because I’m much happier being ME. By reclaiming my own life, I am now able to help others who find themselves stuck in that same, dark hiding space that I was in.

I ask women “What would it look like if you recklessly reclaimed your life?”

After not being able to answer, many realized how much they don’t look at themselves as being “important.” The shame and guilt they had from previous relationships still weighed them down, or they had been married for so long that they stopped doing things for themselves.

The passion that lights me up and sets my heart on fire, is the same passion in me that longs to serve women in this very place.

…To hold their hand as they walk into their time in their lives.
…To reignite their relationships with not only themselves, but also their partners.
…To help them find happiness in themselves, heal the pain that still lingers and find the strength and tenderness inside themselves to rebuild their life on their terms.

Simply put, I help women reclaim their lives.

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If you’re stuck with the post-breakup blues, I know it feels like you’re never going to get out of this funk and even the simplest daily tasks can feel like a massive chore.

The good news? I’ve been exactly where you are now and it does get better! I managed to pull myself above water, and was so inspired to help you do the same that I created the free “Reclaim Your Day” guide!

This guide will help you get your days off to a great start just by doing some small, almost effortless tasks. You’ll feel like you are Reclaiming your day-to-day life again after a few days!